Translation of Bank Hapoalim Android app
2020. Made a hack for Bank Hapoalim Android application to translate it from Hebrew to English and Russian.
android reverse engineering

Galaxy RPG
2015. Worked as freelance manager and software developer: hired graphic designer and front-end developer, checked their work, implemented back-end. Created from scratch.
modx php

2014. Worked as ASP.NET back-end developer. Restyled the control panel for customers html

2012. Game hosting worked by PHP + Linux. I made simple back-end for control/billing panel for customers. Created from scratch.
php linux

Love Sushi
2011. Made a simple e-menu application for local Sushi bar used on Android tablet. Created from scratch.
android java

2011. Android client for web portal with caching subsystem and favorites feature. Create from scratch, my first Android app;
android java

CPT Yurcom
2011. Implemented back-end for this site while I was working for Nopreset (local web development company);
php modx

2011. Site for game streamers
html web design